Inappropriate Flirting

The next day, I had Napoleon invite Parker Langerak over to meet the baby. To my surprise, he showed up OLDER. I guess having an illegitimate child behind your wife’s back can really age a guy.

He looked taken aback at first. But he kept racing back to the bedroom to take care of the baby.

She has his eyes!

Napoleon invited Parker to stay the night, and he agreed. Then he spent the rest of the night hitting on her mom. SO GROSS.

Napoleon was angry, but she didn’t do anything about it. She chose instead to walk out of the room. Very mature of her, I must say.

Parker left first thing in the morning (to go back to his wife, Alecia). That afternoon, Kerri turned into a toddler.

Maybe it’s just the short blonde hair and the red cardigan, but she kind of has an Annie Lennox look.

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