Howdy, Indeed!

I’m having a ridiculous amount of fun creating outfits to sell on Trendi (the in-game clothing marketplace). I named the following outfits Swag, Plaid Daddy, and Froggy Style.

Sims 4 Trendi outfits

Here we have Buttery, Howdy, and Flouncy Businessman.

Sims 4 Trendi outfits

I wish we could upload Trendi outfits to the Gallery to swap them with other players!

Meanwhile, I noticed that Lilith Vatore listed an outfit called “Dark Academia Prep Modern.” I had to see this!

I was not disappointed.

Sims 4 Trendi outfit from Lilith Vatore

But anyway, you’re not here for outfits, you’re here for baby updates! First, a correction: In my last post, I called this a “baby room.” I have since been informed it is more properly called a “nursery.” (I’m a 50-year-old cat lady; I know nothing about babies.)

sims 4 nursery

You know how children always grow up to be the opposite of their parents? I decided Henry is going to be a serious businessman who hates bright colors. I chose a color palette appropriate to his corporate dreams.

sims 4 baby nursery

You can see why I named this outfit “Howdy”!

sims 4 baby nursery

Somewhere in the midst of all this ridiculousness, I realized Morgan and Joaquin never got married. They aren’t even engaged! I decided to correct this oversight immediately.

And now to plan a wedding! Not sure how I can top the last wedding. It was pretty epic!

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