Hello, Shepard!

As they say in the business world, sometimes you have to pivot. Frankly, no one wanted to buy books. With a little bit of experimentation, I discovered that people DID want to buy cupcakes. Sometimes this game is just way too real.

Other things that happened this week: I sold half of Aurora’s belongings plus her swimming pool to buy a cupcake machine.

This dude put a damper on sales when he dropped dead right in the middle of the store.

And I had utterly forgotten, until she walked into the store, that I once played this game for like half an hour, during which I created my Commander Shepard and then dressed her up like a crazy cat lady.

Also, they put The Sims in The Sims 4 so you can watch your Sim playing The Sims while you play The Sims 4.


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