Goldilocks strikes again

Okay but hear me out, what if… new house?

Las weekend I drove Highway 38 home from Eugene, Oregon. Along the way, I spotted several sterling examples of the type of vernacular farmhouse architecture I have in mind. Took a bunch of pictures of people’s houses for reference, like some kinda creepy stalker. (I’m not, I swear!)

Then I went home and searched online until I found floor plans that matched what I was looking for (1, 2) and got to work.

Welcome to the Splines Gabled Farmho! It’s a 5br/3ba traditional farmhouse with multiple bonus rooms. Plenty of space to grow the family, with room to spare for hobbies.

It’s not quite finished, but I filled it out enough to make it liveable. In the back we have a beehive placed near gardening plots, a basic picnic area, and a small fishing pond.

Upstairs I filled out the primary bedroom and en suite bathroom, and the bathroom/laundry room.

Downstairs I fully finished the kitchen, then “sketched in” the other living areas.

“Didn’t we, like, just buy a new house last week?”

The first thing Morgan did was use the worst bathroom in the entire house. The room is bare except for a toilet, faces the front porch, and has no curtains.

Why. Why would they do this?

Meanwhile, Joaquin decided to christen the house by grilling plantains. (Again… why?)

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