New Home Shenanigans

Technically, “writing Sims blog posts” is one of my “hobbies that look a lot like work.” I’m taking this week off, and according to both of my therapists (I have 2), I’m not supposed to do anything work-like.

However, I have been playing a lot of Sims 4, and I don’t like to get too far ahead of myself, or I start forgetting all the weird little details. And the weird little details are kinda what it’s all about, right?

So here I am, violating the terms of my vacation, in order to bring you super important critical valuable updates like this outfit I created, which I named Robo Chic.

Sims 4 custom outfit to sell on Trendi

Or this one, which I named Reindeer Tactical.

Sims 4 custom outfit to sell on Trendi

Pleased with myself giving you the full 360 on these outfits, by the way. You’re welcome!

Speaking of the Reindeer Tactical outfit, I had Joaquin Le Chien list this outfit for sale on Trendi. A little while later, I received this notice:

Sims 4 sold an outfit to themselves on Trendi

I guess Joaquin loved this outfit so much, he was willing to pay himself $5,000 to buy it from himself. I clicked it and had him mail it to himself, but it didn’t show up in his inventory, and he didn’t gain or lose any money. The only thing that happened was he took off all his clothes.

Naturally, the Welcome Wagon chose this exact moment to show up and welcome the Splines to Henford-on-Bagley.

Nude Sim greets the neighbors

The look on her face!

The Sims 4 neighbor not impressed with nude Sim

I bought them a cow, who I named Priscilla.

Sims 4 brushing a cow Cottage Living

Here’s some obscure trivia for you: As a child, my favorite toy was Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow (Kenner, 1977). Fill her trough with water, drop in a tablet which turns the water white, pump Milky’s tail to make her suction up the “milk” from her trough, then tug gently on her teats to dispense the “milk” from her udder. Of course, I quickly ran out of “milk” tablets, then lost all her accessories, and her udder kept popping off. Just like a real cow!

Later that afternoon, Joaquin found the cheerleader’s mat and decided to “Perform solo routine.”

Something about this made me inexpressibly sad.

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