Bob Pancakes + fashion = ???

Welcome back to the Splines Foursquare Farmho, where we’re all starting to get settled in.

Sims 4 foursquare farmhouse

I set up a dozen gardening plots out front for Morgan. I strategically placed a Burtie’s Bee Box in the center, so its fertilizer bonus reaches all 12 plots.

If Morgan is going to become a master gardener, they need to start fishing. Fish provide the best fertilizer. I built a little fishing pond in the corner of the lot. This will make things a little easier, because Morgan can stock it with the fish they catch.

Next step is to, like, actually catch a fish. This took a while.

So proud of their first catch! Great work, sweetie!

Meanwhile, Joaquin Le Chien was back at home, making new outfits to sell on Trendi. The problem is, every outfit I create is so amazing, I don’t want to sell it.

I finally convinced myself it’s better that I share my fashion gifts with the world.

After listing this masterpiece for sale, I browsed the Trendi app. One of the delights of this Depop-like in-game app is that the “marketplace” is full of outfits ostensibly created by other Sims. You’ll see a lot of familiar names on Trendi, including each individual Goth family member, Vladistraus Straud, and others.

You can’t preview the outfits on Trendi. Your options are:

  1. buy it, or
  2. don’t.

An outfit called “Fuzz Taste” by none other than Bob Pancakes caught my eye. What kind of outfit would the famous “most least interesting Sim in the world” put together? What would an outfit called “Fuzz Taste” look like?

I had to know.

Are you ready?

Are you sure you’re ready?

Well then, here you go.

100% perfect. No notes. Slay, Bob Pancakes! Slay!

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