The Foursquare Farmho

I finished the Silverdale house, but I stopped with the shell. It was fine, but it still wasn’t quite what I have been picturing.

The next day I took a trip to Eugene and spotted one of my favorite local old farmhouses. It seems creepy to give you the map information, but here’s a picture from Google Street View.

It’s more ramshackle than I envisioned, and it has the wrong kind of roof. But this is exactly the sort of traditional, foursquare farmhouse I’ve been thinking about. As soon as I returned home, I got to work.

I love it!

When I saved the lot to my library, I ran into the character limit for lot names. I meant to name it the “Splines Foursquare Farmhouse” but I only had enough room to call it the “Splines Foursquare Farmho.” I’m not mad about it.

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