First Gig

I FINALLY received a gig invite opportunity. But it was scheduled for about four days later so I had to twiddle around waiting for it to be time. Meanwhile, Tyler attended a party where he met Clarissa Spline.

She’s his… wait, let me check my notes… great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter-in-law.

Finally the day dawned! I woke up Bertha way early so that she could make pancakes waffles for the band.

Parker arrived at Waylon’s Dive Bar first. He tuned his guitar while waiting for everyone else to show up.

They played to an empty house, I’m afraid. There was one person in the bar when they started, but she wandered off before they were done.

Parker performs a “Sweet Move.”

Congratulations on your first gig, Jacket Pocket! Surely fame and fortune will follow close behind?

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