Career Change

I decided to take Doodledog’s suggestion and dedicate Hera’s last days in Sunset Valley to planting as many Money Trees as possible. (I find most of mine around the graveyard and behind the science center.)

It also seemed like now would be a good time to plant more Death Flowers, just in case. But look at this!

The Death Flower in the graveyard has died. I didn’t think public plants ever died! Oh well.

Hera had four Death Flowers in her inventory, so I made her plant three of them.

Tyler is getting bored, having basically mastered most of the musical instruments. He had a sudden wish to improve his writing skills. (He was quite the accomplished writer, back when he was alive.)

I sold a few of the things that have been sent to the family just for being famous, and bought him a writing set-up. I figured he would earn the money back soon enough, at any rate.

His first novel, Minister of Agriculture (India) should be finished soon!

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