A misc grab bag of leftovers from the week!

A misc grab bag of leftovers from the week!

Tyler completed an opportunity and was rewarded with a group serving of Angel Food Cake. Doesn’t it look GOOD?

Almost as good as those birthday cakes. One day I’ll make a Sims 3 birthday cake for real.

Would it be weird to bake my own cake and bring it to my own birthday party?

When you’re famous, you randomly get sent gifts in the mail. Like this bookcase. (Awesome!) And this area rug. (Not awesome!)

There’s a lack of bars and band venues in Sunset Valley, and as many of you have noted, it’s not easy to find space to drop in a new one. However, I learned that you can change the venue type of an existing location. So I changed the stylist/tattoo parlor into a Neighborhood Bar.

I left the collection of tattoo flash art on the wall behind the stage.

Aubergine got the oddest outfit when she grew into a young adult.

None of those things goes with the other things. And yet it all seems to work together.

Looking through these pictures, I’m realizing how dreary their house really is. I have to admit, it’s kind of getting to me. Maybe I can figure out a way to give it a budget makeover so far.

We’ve passed the §100,000 mark (on the way to a million). But I still don’t want to spend any more of their money than I have to!

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