Feeling Nostalgic

I recreated my first apartment in The Sims 4. It was a 3rd floor walk-up studio, 350sf, carpeted bathroom and the toilet constantly backed up (I KNOW). In the 90s it went for $400/month – now it’s ***$1175*** ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

It was tiny and disgusting but it had a view of the top of the Space Needle in winter when the leaves fell off the trees, and it was my first place and I was thrilled.

(That carpet in the bathroom was pretty fuckn gross, though.)

I originally planned to throw a fabulous wedding at the museum but every time I tried, the game crashed. So I compromised and held the wedding in their front yard. It wasn’t very fancy, but it was very sweet.

After the wedding, everyone packed into Adam’s tiny kitchen and they all danced to his cheap, crappy boombox. Except Omar, who just wanted to eat leftover scrambled eggs and bacon. I can relate.

Wow… Yikes.

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