I set Adam up with a job in the Painting career, then sent him out to find Local Singles In His Area. I invited everyone over to Adam’s place in a series of what essentially amounted to the world’s worst pool parties. (At one point Adam had a wish to “Have a pool at least 1×1” so that is exactly what I built him.)

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After greeting just about everyone in town, Adam initially hit it off with a girl named Zoe Patel. She was cute, and they got along pretty well.


One night while Adam was sound asleep in his bed on the lawn, a big beefcake dude named Omar Butcher just… showed up! And started swimming in Adam’s pool!

I woke Adam up and sent him over to greet Omar, and they had immediate chemistry.

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Eventually Omar had to go to his job. On his way out, he mentioned that Adam could find him at the gym where he works. The gym! Did I mention that Adam is a Fitness buff? This must be fate!

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Long story short, I think we’re going to be adopting an heir for this generation.

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