Eat the Cowplant’s Cake: The Sims Checklist Challenge

This item on the “24 While 24” Sims Checklist Challenge was straightforward: Eat the cake off a cowplant. The challenge doesn’t include “And survive,” but I took that as part of the challenge because I don’t want to lose any of my Sims.

To start, I had to obtain a cowplant berry. There are several ways to get a cowplant berry, but one of the simplest is to fish for it.

sims 4 fishing for cow plant berry

To catch a cowplant berry:

  1. Go to Desert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs.
  2. Start walking north.
  3. Ignore the fishing creek.
  4. Keep heading north until you find a fishing pond up against a cliff wall.

You don’t need any Fishing skill to catch a cowplant berry, but you might need to return a few times.

I converted the Swimming Pool of Death into a Greenhouse of Death.

sims 4 cowplant greenhouse

I put the Meat Wall in there because any time Morgan tries to watch television, they get a Scared moodlet from the Meat Wall called “Did It Move?”

Oh boy, cake!

sims 4 cowplant cake

As long as you only eat the cake once, you’re fine. If a Sim eats a second piece of cake while still carrying the negative moodlet from the first piece, they can die.

After eating this piece of cake, I hustled Morgan out of there and locked the door. They’re safe, and we have checked another item off the checklist!

sims 24 checklist challenge

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