Livestock Upgrade, or, The Sims 4H

As some of you know, my guy Marshall is a real-life, honest-to-gawd cowboy. He grew up on a cattle ranch and rode horses to round up cattle.

As a Sims 4 player, this is convenient because I can use him as a consultant on my builds. He didn’t necessarily want to be used as a consultant for my video game horses, and there were a lot of aggravated sighs. But he was a good sport overall, and he provided excellent input.

I started by building a monitor barn because they look neat.

sims 4 monitor barn

However, this architectural style is designed to store large amounts of hay and feed livestock like cows and pigs. It’s like a big lunchroom for cows. It’s not what people use as an equestrian barn. (Not that you can’t put horses in a monitor barn, but he knew that’s not what I envisioned.)

He helped me pick an architectural style more suitable for a traditional horse stable. I bulldozed the monitor barn and went to work.

sims 4 equestrian barn horse stable

Usually, a building like this would have a hayloft for storage or living space. But you can’t do that with this kind of roof in The Sims 4, so this one doesn’t.

sims 4 equestrian barn horse stable

Marshall was skeptical of the huge size of these stalls. Typically, a building of these proportions would have at least six stalls. But in this case, each stall must be large enough to accommodate a horse bed. I don’t know why they made horse beds so big, but it’s what I have to work with, so there you go.

Next, I had him help me with my horse outfit. I decided to train Hush Puppy as a barrel racer. I picked out what I thought was a pretty great outfit for him.

sims 4 horse barrel racing outfit

Marshall made me, and I quote, “Take all that nonsense off him.”

sims 4 horse barrel racing outfit

When I protested, he clarified that barrel racing is all about speed, so you want to have as little on the horse as possible.

sims 4 horse barrel racing outfit

“What about a little cowboy hat?” I asked.

“Absolutely not,” he said. “Horses don’t wear cowboy hats.”

“But look how cute it is!”

He did not find my argument persuasive.

sims 4 horse barrel racing outfit

Despite my complaints that he was being “no fun,” I’m pleased with his consulting work. Hush Puppy is ready for the trials!

sims 4 horse barrel racing outfit

(I still think Hush Puppy should get to wear a tiny cowboy hat, but WHATEVER, IT’S FINE.)

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