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Warning: This Sims blog post contains major spoilers for the Strangerville Sims 4 expansion pack.

If you have ever wanted to take your Sims into battle, my advice is, don’t. Just… don’t. The fight with the Mother Plant is a relatively simple boss battle. Even so, the process was… let’s politely call it “unwieldy.”

So here’s how it went. First, I assembled my Dream Team in the sub-basement of the Secret Lab.

The Splines Sims blog

Then, I SAVED MY GAME. Don’t let anyone save scum-shame you on this one. Save your game and restart if you fail. It’s the only way to keep your sanity, if you want my experienced opinion. I also found Carl’s guide very helpful here.

After saving, I marched my little Sims into the chamber and let loose. They arranged themselves around the Mother Plant and proceeded to ignore all of my instructions.

The Splines Sims blog

What followed was basically just a process of me clicking on the Mother Plant until “Throw vaccine” came off cooldown.

The Splines Sims blog

It took a few tries, but we finally defeated the Mother Plant. And there was much rejoicing!

The Splines Sims blog

Conquering the Mother Plant fulfilled Cordelia’s lifetime aspiration to solve the Strangerville mystery. I was happy that she was happy! And I was even happier that now I can go back to playing The Sims as usual. I chose the Soul Mate aspiration for her, and sent her back home.

The Splines Sims blog

“Hello, come sit on my new double bed and let’s chat beneath my giant painting of dogs playing Jenga.”

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