Another Lonely Birthday

Their kitchen could do with a bit of tidying. Does this really look like a fit place to raise a child?

I think Hera is going to miss Parker once he grows up and starts going to school. He’s her only company during the day while Angela is at work. Come to think of it, he’s her only company when she’s at home, too.

Luckily for Parker, Sim television doesn’t rot the brains of little Sim toddlers. Because man, he watches a LOT of television.

Their household is currently worth §52,180. I decided it was time to kick it up a notch, and get everyone a lucrative hobby.

While his moms were busy scrimping for cash upstairs in the yard, Parker grew into a child all alone.

Well, alone aside from his constant companion, the jolly TV chef.

“Bor de bor dor!”

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