Almost Epic

We had another combo birthday party, for Kerri (to Mature Adult), Alex, and Delphine (to Child). I invited a bunch of people at random. I even took a risk and invited an Elder, even though they often drop dead at your parties.

This woman, Rae Peterson, brought a plate of hot dogs. I’ve never had someone bring food to a party. I like it!

Sometimes when you go to a party, you get stuck listening to some jerkwad play the guitar badly (but earnestly). Just like real life!

Ever wondered what it would look like if nine people complained about a crying baby at once? Wonder no more!

Oops, another baby’s crying. Surprise.

I had to kick Kerri out of bed to come downstairs and blow out her candles. Thus the wildly inappropriate clothing. Watch that hemline, Kerri! (Maybe that’s why the redhead behind her looks so surprised.)

Alex was next. The game gave him Couch Potato (in addition to Excitable and Friendly).

And finally Delphine. She got Technophobe (in addition to Good and Virtuoso).

To my surprise, the party was rated “Almost Epic.” I would not have thought that a party interrupted by so much baby crying could be rated that highly. Go figure!

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