A New Career

Kerri had her birthday, and is now a Young Adult. The party didn’t go very well. Half of the guests were Kerri’s teenage friends. As soon as they arrived, they all plunked themselves down and started doing homework. At least she was able to shake them loose to watch her blow out her candles.

Can I tell you how much I love the Birthday Inferno Birthday Cake? It’s so pretty, and it looks really delicious. Every time I set one out for them, I get jealous.

I was allowed to choose her next trait. I chose “Kleptomaniac.” To complement her new trait, the next day I sent her over to the Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp and signed her up for the Criminal career track.

The life of crime requires good physical fitness. Kerri started with the treadmill. (Faceplant!)

And followed up with a jog around town.

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