While Kerri was starting off on her burgeoning career in crime, Amber grew into a child.

“Mommy, we’re all out of beds, and places to put them!”

She’s right, of course. Luckily Napoleon’s career in science is bringing in the dough, so they could afford a remodel. All of the bedrooms are up on the second floor, along with a second bathroom.

Napoleon had her birthday, too, and is now an Elder.

Sorry about the bad lighting. I decided to throw a party at the beach, which went well, except that I scheduled the party to start at 5PM. And of course as we all know, the sun sets at 7PM exactly, every day, all year round. Fortunately I was able to whip out the cake and have Napoleon blow out the candles before the sun went down entirely.

Napoleon is now 73, and Ana is 118. I wonder if her mother is going to outlive her?

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