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<p>Gus is 101 now, and still going strong. But he can’t last too much longer, so I sent Kay out to find the next contestant. I find you can reliably encounter old people at the park in the center of town at night. I sent Kay down there with her laptop, so that she could work on her latest book (a mystery I titled <i>A Study in Plumbob</i>) while waiting for her next victim to wander past.<div align=”center”><img src=”/images/2010/03/318-02.jpg”></div>

<p>After hitting on and passing over a series of old people (men and women both) who turned out not to be single, she finally found a single elderly man. Conveniently enough, Rene Velez is also Flirty.<div align=”center”><img src=”/images/2010/03/318-03.jpg”></div>

<p>”I’m Flirty!” “I’m Flirty, too!” “This town needs more hot tubs, don’t you think?”

<p>Now that she has made that contact, it’s just a matter of maintaining her relationship while waiting for Gus to die. I have her phone him every day.<div align=”center”><img src=”/images/2010/03/318-01.jpg”></div>

<p>”I’m a writer. That’s right, with a quill pen and everything!” (Liar!)

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