Waffle Confusion

A minor tragedy struck today. Marla put a batch of waffles* in the oven, then left for work. A little while later, the burning waffles set her “kitchen” ablaze.

Luckily she was promoted at work that afternoon. The promotion came with a bonus, so she could afford to replace the stove.

Here’s a shot of her pitiful homestead, being loomed over by the neighbor’s mansion.

That night Irfan Bradshaw’s schedule allowed him to meet her for dinner. It was a TERRIBLE date. Just awful.

He insulted and humiliated her in front of the entire restaurant. Then he started flirting with her. Oh, and it turns out that he’s married. So much for that little crush!

After their date was over, Marla had a wish to “See Irfan’s ghost,” which is how Sims tell you that they wish someone would die.

* This morning I noticed that waffles are now free, although pancakes cost §6. Is that new? When did that happen? Was that part of the most recent patch – “make waffles free, but charge for pancakes”? I pored over the patch notes but I can’t find anything about breakfast prices. Baffling!

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