The next day, Marla is promoted to Cutpurse. The promotion comes with a pay raise and a substantial bonus. I decided to build Marla a rudimentary kitchen.

There are only so many bowls of fitness center cereal a Sim can eat in a day, after all.

That afternoon, she invites Ernest to meet her at the park. They sit and chat on a bench until it gets dark.

When Marla tries to put the moves on Ernest, he refuses. I happen to mouse over his profile, and learn that he has taken up with some woman named Priscilla. (Not Marla’s twin sister Priscilla, but some other woman named Priscilla.) The nerve!

The next day, Marla goes to the fitness center to shower up after work. I have her call her boss, Irfan Bradshaw, just to chat. It’s good to keep a good relationship with your boss.

Marla hangs up the phone and starts talking to Max Bradshaw, who I think is Irfan’s brother or something.

We learn that Max is “Inappropriate.” This probably explains why he’s working out at the gym in nothing but a tank top and boxer-briefs. While Marla is chatting up Max, I notice that she has three new wishes:

  • Kiss Irfan Bradshaw
  • Be good friends with Irfan Bradshaw
  • Flirt with Irfan Bradshaw

Why, I do believe Marla has a crush on her boss! How deliciously inappropriate! I send her over to the Bradshaw house. Max has somehow beaten her there, and invites her in. Irfan is nowhere to be found. It’s late, so everyone in the house goes to bed.

Marla is left playing chess all by herself. She waits for Irfan to come home, but he never does.

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