Two Steps Back

All that time away and I forgot that I had lost several days of gameplay to a botched upgrade. (Back up your Sims 3 files early and often, kids!) When I finally returned to the Splines, I found that Marla was not yet an Elder.

Marla’s best friend Marya Hunt seems sympathetic to Marla’s plight. “Deja vu? That sounds terrible!”

And Kay was still a nearly-bald toddler.

Kay was too young to travel, so they couldn’t go visit China like I had planned. Instead, I had Marla take toddler Kay to the graveyard in the middle of the night to meet some ghosts. Why not, right?

I re-did Marla’s makeover, using some of the new clothes from World Adventures. And the super hot boots I got from the Dr. Pepper EA promotion.

Then it was Kay’s birthday!

She and Marla both look like they’re having some doubts about that cake.

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