Career Goals

Kay grew into a teenager. At her birthday party she met her cousin, the daughter of her mother’s sister (Priscilla). They look so alike! (Kay is on the right.)

One of the weird things about running a Sims 3 blog is that you have to play with a notepad at hand. Unfortunately I forgot to write down Kay’s cousin’s name. Bad blogger, no biscuit!

Later that night, I sent Marla out to complete a Charisma-related opportunity. In order to increase her Charisma, she had to befriend Rick Keenan. As soon as they were friends, he started hitting on her.

And the next thing you know!

Woo Hoo!

While her mother was running around with random townies, Kay got down to work. She had a wish to have “Reach Level 10 Law Enforcement: International Super Spy” as her Lifetime Wish.

If you wanna be an International Super Spy, you’d better get crackin’ on that treadmill!

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