I decided that Pearl deserved a lot better than that stupid Jamie girl. At about this time, Pearl had a wish to own a better camera. What better way to ease the heartache than to travel to the deserts of Al-Simhara for a bit of camera shopping?

After buying the camera, we explored the Tomb of Discovery, conveniently located right next to base camp. This proved to be about as challenging as the teacup ride at Disney. But she still got a beatific expression after exploring the entire tomb.

Then she immediately thought about… medicine? I don’t know. This game’s weird.

She went for a lovely swim in the fountain at the market in the center of town.

Then left to spontaneously start dancing with one of the shop keepers, Satis Amin.

They seemed to be getting along well, so I had Pearl try a bit of flirting.

Things went wrong fast.

DUDE I think she called Pearl “trash”! WOW NOT COOL.

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