Click Click

Pearl’s Lifetime Wish was to max out her skills for both Painting and Photography. Painting was easy enough (for me). Every day I had her wake up, eat breakfast, then paint stuff while I sat back and knit.

Photography took a lot more work (for me). You can’t just tell your Sims to go photograph stuff, you have to specifically click to have them use their camera, line up the shot, then click to take the picture. And you can’t just click click click to take one photo after another, you have to start at the begiing for every single picture. It’s tedious as hell.

I don’t know how many pictures it takes to reach Level 10 Photography. It felt like millions. At one point I had her just stand there while I took picture after picture of the ground.

At §28 per picture for the cheapest size, this was getting to be a pricey little hobby. It was so annoying, it made me want to kick a gnome.

Then suddenly her photography took a great leap forward, she hit Level 10, and the game started playing the “Lifetime Wish Fulfilled” fanfare. I lunged for the keyboard and hit P (for Pause) in my panic, instead of C (for Capture Screenshot).

I missed all of the Lifetime Wish animations, but I did catch the little animation for her sub-wish to “Reach Level 10 Photography” being fulfilled. And as you can see I was way zoomed out at the time. I’m just glad she was visible at all, frankly!

Kinda lame, but it’s better than nothing, I guess. One day I will time it right! One day.

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