The Strangerville Grind

Warning: This Sims blog post contains major spoilers for the Strangerville Sims 4 expansion pack.

After returning to town and letting the Possession wear off, Cordelia was faced with a new set of tasks. This is where I started to wilt a little. (Okay, a lot.)

I’m not a fan of grinding in video games. I don’t have the patience for it. Yes, the Sims games can be very grind-y, but that’s not how I usually play. I like to mix it up, and I like to watch the stories evolve.

So when I discovered that I had to acquire 15 spore samples so that I could make a true cure (on top of the 15 samples I had to gather to make the experimental cure) I cringed.

Oh well… we can’t stop now, can we?

The Splines Sims blog

I SAID WE CAN’T STOP NOW. Not even to eat grilled fruit in the park while the world comes to an end in the background.

The vaccination process is relatively straightforward, after you gather enough materials to create a vaccine. First you find an infected person.

The Splines Sims blog

(I love Cordelia’s look of steely determination!)

Then you, uh, throw the vaccine in their face.

The Splines Sims blog

And apparently this works? I’m not sure it’s scientifically accurate, but okay.

After vaccinating the requisite three townspeople, I advanced to the new quest: Convince 3 other Sims to join you to defeat the mother plant.

But guess what? You will only be able to convince Sims whom you have recently vaccinated. And you can only convince them if you have a high enough relationship with them. Meaning that even if I remembered who I vaccinated (which I don’t), they were all strangers, so I couldn’t convince them anyway.

This means I have to create three more doses, which means acquiring 15 more spore samples. MORE GRIND YAY.

I give up. Maybe I’ll just let the gnomes take me.

The Splines Sims blog

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