The Mandela Effect

Before we begin, I have to share this perfectly Sims moment with you.

Sims 4 Festival of Light fireworks celebration

From left to right we have:

  • A man in a purple kimono putting the moves on the man I’m hitting on (Riku Kudo).
  • My Sim, trying to hit on Riku Kudo.
  • Some random Sim standing directly in between them and staring in awe at the fireworks bonfire.
  • Riku Kudo, the man I’m hitting on, a townie Sim with a ridiculous name wearing a yellow kimono.
  • A bonfire that someone threw fireworks into, so it’s as loud and distracting as it is imminently hazardous.

I had to pause the game to savor this moment of utter chaos. Not one single thing in this scene makes sense, and I love that.

Let’s also take a moment to appreciate this perfect little cinnamon roll and his fabulous mustache.

Sims 4 Riku Kudo at the Festival of Lights

In this moment he has no idea what’s about to happen next, and he doesn’t deserve any of it. I feel guilty just thinking about it.

I was having zero luck getting him on board with the romantic feelings, and the clock was ticking. With less than 24 hours left in the challenge, I decided to – that’s right – CHEAT. I used the relationship cheat to max his friendship and romantic relationship with Audrey.

Their first kiss was so forced and awkward.

Sims 4 first kiss

Afterward they immediately took a spontaneous selfie, which was delightful.

Sims 4 selfie after first kiss

In short order I had Audrey propose to Riku. He accepted, of course. (I didn’t really give him a choice.)

Sims 4 marriage proposal

With no time to lose, I had them elope and get married right there in the hallway. The garbage can and the umbrella stand served as witnesses. The thermostat officiated.

Sims 4 elope

I was so desperately curious to find out how much money she would get for fulfilling the challenge. The answer is: $20,000. I don’t know, would you get married in the next 7 days for $20,000? What if you didn’t have a romantic partner, and I offered you $20,000 to get married in the next 7 days? Yeah.

If this has all left you feeling a little uncomfortable… me too. I got my answer ($20,000) but I didn’t feel good about it.

So I decided to…. CHEAT!

Remember how I did “Save as” when I started this whole wedding challenge? Yep, I’m going back to the previous save. Something I have literally never done in my whole entire 21 years playing this franchise.


Perhaps you have heard of the Mandela Effect? I’m pretty sure this is how it happens.

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