Groundhog’s Day

Holy Freezer Bunny, have I been sick this week. I came down with a violent case of food poisoning, and the entire week is gone. Now I know how Audrey feels, since I reverted to the previous save and undid her entire marriage and everything. (Cassette-tape-rewinding-noise.)

First I had to set her some outfits, since it was summer again. I decided to go with more of an Alexis Rose theme for this season.

Sims 4 hot weather outfits female

Then, since her day was nearly over, I had her putter around a bit. She collected honey from her beehive.

Sims 4 collect honey from beehive

And recreated the cross stitch she finished on the other timeline.

Sims 4 Cottage Living cross stitch

Since I’ve been sick, I bought myself a few content packs. You know what they say is best for food poisoning: rest, fluids, and DLC.

I made Audrey a cute little laundry nook behind her front door. I could have built her a laundry room, but I love her tiny little cottage the way it is (for now).

Sims 4 laundry

I also changed the settings so each season lasts 14 days. The default 7 days was feeling rushed with regards to the seasonal gardening mechanic.

The next day I sent Audrey down to the local pub to mix and mingle. She initiated a flirty interaction with this?? guy???

Sims 4 Peppino Lemus townie

HO-NEY. Townie Sims are famous for having weird fashion sense, but even so, this guy really outdid himself.

Also, his name is Peppino Lemus. Let that sink in.

I panned the camera out and…

Sims 4 Peppino Lemus townie

No socks. For some reason, that’s what finally did me in. NO SOCKS.

I had to know more.

Sims 4 Peppino Lemus townie

I invited him over to chat the next day. (Please ignore the rearranged laundry machines in the background, I went through a few iterations of that layout before I found one I liked. This screenshot was taken before the final version up top.)

His hot weather outfit is no less heinous, I have no words. I can’t decide if I want to kidnap him and give him a makeover, or kidnap everyone else and make THEM over with HIS fashion sense. Truly an icon.

Sims 4 cross stitch Country Living

Every one of these cross stitch patterns is a delight.

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