That Balloon!

When not playing the guitar, Rusty is… reading about playing the guitar.

I bought them the Renault electric car that you can download for free. (Lots of free downloads on the Sims store – but they’re hard to find. Check this SnootySims page for the complete list!)

Annoyingly, even though the car only seats one, Mort still gets the “Driving Alone” negative moodlet. IT’S NEVER ENOUGH IS IT.

I sent Rusty up to the new rooftop patio to practice.

While he was up there, I got distracted by the hot air balloon that occasionally floats over town. I always meant to try and maneuver the camera over to the balloon, to see what’s in there!

It’s a guy for sure, and he might have a kid with him. A little hard to tell. Fun, though! While I was at it, I snapped this great picture of the airplane that occasionally passes over Sunset Valley.

Meanwhile, Rusty’s still playing…

Seems a bit rude to play your guitar right in front of the theater, but what do I know.

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