Before we get to the surprising part, I’m sure you’ll all be glad to see that I picked out some different pajamas for Rene.

Oh, and Pearl hit level 10 Painting skill, which is half of her Lifetime Wish. (The other part is to hit level 10 in Photography.) Here’s the painting that maxed her out.

(Freezer Bunny, is that you?)

Okay, now on to the surprise. I’ve been trying to have the Splines make friends with their next door neighbors, the Shoemakers.

So I send Pearl over there. I tell her to ring the doorbell, and then I pick up my knitting. I don’t really care what she does; I know she’ll do a bunch of Social interactions without needing any guidance from me.

I’m just getting to the part on my knit sock where I turn the heel, so I’m counting stitches, and trying to make sure I increase every other row, and so forth. Then suddenly I hear KISSY NOISES!

I DROP my knitting on the desk and fumble for the P key to pause the action. Oh, for a “rewind” button!

Evidently Pearl has made “very special friends” with the neighbor girl, Jaime Shoemaker. I didn’t see who started it, and Jaime refused any other Romantic advancements I tried to have Pearl make. But Pearl has the “First Romance” moodlet, and is basically walking on Cloud 9 right now.

Spontaneous smoochies – that’s a new one for me!

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