The game gave Pearl the “Computer Whiz” trait at some point. This means that she has a special interaction she can use on the computer: “Hack.”

Since Sims who are writing use what is clearly a word processing program, and Sims who are chatting use an IM program, I was curious to see what program a Sim would use when they “hacked.”

This is the first screen. This logo also appears on the “successful attempt” screen, so I assume it’s the logo of the agency she’s trying to hack.

She types in a username and password, which is always correct.

Then she runs what looks like a little program in a terminal window.

My theory is that she’s logging into her own bank account, then using a script to escalate her privileges and/or log her in as a different bank customer.

Next, one of two things happens: either she gets a screen that I’m sure says ACCESS DENIED in Simlish…

Or she goes to what seems to be a main menu page for that same agency.

If she gets ACCESS DENIED she starts over again. If she gets the main menu page, a small amount of Simoleons are credited to the family account, and she starts over again. Funny that the bank never seems to notice all these unsuccessful script attempts, or the repeated thefts of small amounts of money!

In other news, Kay turned into an Elder today, but Rene is still going strong at 216. Thus raising the possibility that Pearl will be stuck with her strangely immortal stepfather for all time.

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