Selfies with Sophie and a Free Ham Sandwich

The next morning, Audrey was hit with $352 in household bills. She only has $377! I needed to find her some money and food ASAP.

I sent Audrey to the nearest park, thinking she would be able to harvest some fruit she could eat and plant. Or at the very least, steal some hot dogs from someone else’s picnic.

Joke’s on me, the park was as deserted as it was charming. The only thing I could find for Audrey to do there was try to catch frogs. But I forgot she has the Squeamish trait. She didn’t enjoy the experience.

Sims 4 Isle of Volpe park Cottage Living

Nearby I found a spiral maze (?) with a big snail sculpture (??) named Sophie (???) and you can search Sophie (??????)

Sims 4 searching Sophie for treasures

Audrey found a quartz crystal worth $36, which was great.

The game prompted me to hide something in exchange, to “keep the tradition alive.” I had Audrey hide the only other thing she had in her inventory: A bowl of leftover clam chowder. (To whoever finds it, I bid them a hearty “Enjoy!”)

After taking a selfie with Sophie, she was on her way.

Sims 4 selfie with Sophie the snail sculpture

Next, Audrey ran into a man named Joel Lew who looks uncannily like my friend Tom, who died several years ago from complications related to diabetes. So that was unsettling.

Sims 4 Joel Lew

I sent her to the library in Windenberg to study gardening.

Little did I know:

  • There aren’t any skill books at the library
  • You can’t take books home from the library
  • You can’t research Gardening on a computer until Level 2.

Do I even know how to play this game? Sometimes I wonder.

Sims 4 Windenburg library

By now, Audrey was getting hungry. I sent her to the nearby gym. Gyms usually have a fridge you can rummage through for free food. (I imagine you just have to ignore other people’s names on the sandwiches. It’s mine now!)

Sims 4 eating a ham and cheese sandwich at the gym

The next morning she woke up and promptly paid her bills, which left her with about $75 to her name.

Sims 4 paying bills

I feel you, girl!

Sims 4 sad about paying bills

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