Salvage Queen

Don’t you hate it when you have to plunge the toilet in front of the neighbors and everything?

If you have Ambitions, you may have noticed that you can choose to “salvage” wrecked stuff from the junkyard. But if you brought it home, you might have been puzzled to discover that there doesn’t seem to be a way for your Sim to fix these items.

Yes well, the “salvage” routine apparently needs salvaging. It’s clearly a bug. But salvage can be performed! In fact, there is a way to restore as many items as you want, all for only §50.

Step 1, bring home a bunch of scorched and busted salvaged furniture.

Step 2, phone the repair service.

The repair person will just stand there for a really long time. Don’t talk to the repair person!

I like to call them over right before Hera is either going to bed, or heading off to work. Then they will leave, charge you §50, and all your salvaged stuff will magically be fresh and new!

Hera has been the Junkyard Queen lately. I use some of the salvaged stuff to furnish her lot, and sell the rest for cash.

It’s a pretty lucrative pastime! So lucrative that it strikes me as cheating. I’m thinking I might start ONLY allowing her to bring home items to furnish her lot, NOT items to sell. That seems fair, right?

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