With the birth of Aubergine, the lot is now full up with Sims. (The game allows a max 8 Sims per lot.) It’s completely insane to try and juggle all these Sims. I basically just sit back and watch them. Here’s a random snippet of gameplay.


But I don’t know who to kick out. I keep hoping they will start dying of old age. (Angela, the 2nd oldest Sim on the lot, is 95.)

Everyone has a role: Tyler: house musician. Angela: the only employed Sim, working on the Culinary career. Hera: gardener. Bertha: baby mama. Parker: free childcare.

When not caring for the babies, Parker is working on his paintings (to earn a little extra cash). It’s… proceeding slowly.

Meanwhile, Anya watches the cooking channel. Cooking shows are fun for babies, right?

I keep forgetting to bring the second crib (I replaced the broken one obviously) inside.

This just seems like SUCH a bad idea.

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