The next morning, Kerri proposed marriage, and Hannah accepted.

I set the wedding party to begin at 4PM. At 3:58PM, as the first guests began to arrive, Ana died. Since she was 116, I wasn’t terribly surprised at the event, but the timing was aoying.

Death had trouble wading through the crowd to collect her ghost.

Well good, glad that’s over, now let’s get married! OH DAMN. Another guest dropped dead.

And we had to go through the whole thing all over again. Death stuck around for a quick chat afterward.

Meanwhile, this guy kept pitching a fit about the stereo. He would complain about it, then collapse to the ground and fall asleep. No idea what was up with that.

Quick, get married, before anyone else dies!

Kerri’s wedding turned out to be quite an emotional roller coaster.

After the wedding, one of the guests picked up a guitar and started playing. Even though he sucked at it, all of the guests felt compelled to watch. Worst Wedding Singer Ever.

Meanwhile out on the back deck, Ana’s last painting remained unfinished.

I couldn’t move it onto a wall because “object is in use.” In the end, I had to get another Sim to “Scrap Painting.” Sad.

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