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Meet Blake Spline

I’ve lost track of Aurora Spline so I’ll skip straight to the B generation with Blake Spline.

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I made Blake my favorite way: I clicked the Randomize button until I saw something that tugged at me. In this case it was her oddball outfit (I’m a sucker for a real weird Sims outfit), the low-cut romper almost the same shade as her skin tone, and her expression. Blake is always smirking a little tiny bit. I like that in a person.

Sims 4 blog

I gave Blake the traits Hot-Headed, Ambitious, and Self-Assured.

I’ve been wanting to take another shot at running a restaurant. I decided that Blake (rebel that she is) will run an unlicensed fish pie restaurant out of a home in a residential neighborhood.

Sims 4 blog

I proceeded to spend my entire lunch break recreating the house of someone I know. It’s a standard compact California bungalow style, the kind of house you see a million times over in the suburbs here.

Sims 4 blog

Except this one serves slices of piping hot fish pie!!

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