Looming Financial Disaster

“Are we gonna go broke?” “Yeah, probably!”

The Splines: A Sims blog

This could truly be a first for me, in 18 years of playing the Sims series. The Splines are hovering around $4500-$5000, with bills of $2500. Cyra and Dylan are both employed, but that’s only slowing their descent into brokeness.

I’m on console, and if you use any cheats, it permanently disables achievements. And you all know how much I crave my Xbox achievements!

Give it a few more play sessions and this might turn into the new “Alice & Kev.”

The Splines: A Sims blog

I’ve set Cyra to Woodworking to help bring in a few extra bucks, and to improve her Handiness trait. I would like to use her to max out Handiness for the achievement, but it’s a tough one to work on.

Meanwhile, Dylan is having exactly ZERO luck with the ladies. I love this woman’s striking look, but she gave Dylan the ultimate “cringe face” when he tried to hit on her.

The Splines: A Sims blog

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