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EA released the massive infant base game update on Tuesday night, in preparation for the expansion pack being released Thursday. As excited as I am to add a baby (or two, or three) to the Spline house, I had just a few more loose ends to tie up first.

Like creating some incredible new outfits for Joaquin to sell on Trendi. I decided to go with a quiet, understated look for this batch.

Sims 4 outfits to sell on Trendi

Morgan wanted to befriend one of the wild bunnies that live in the back yard. You can give bunnies gifts, and if they approve of the gift, they will be your friend. Morgan gifted the bunny a carrot, which seemed like a sure bet.

Sims 4 give a present to a wild rabbit


Sims 4 wild rabbit accepted gift

Morgan successfully grew three Oversized Crops. Sadly, the timing didn’t match up with the Finchwick Fair’s weekly theme, so I wasn’t able to enter them in a contest. Look at the size of those eggplants, though!

Sims 4 grow oversized crops

Morgan was excited to take a selfie with their giant watermelon.

Sims 4 selfie with oversized crop

This week I learned if you place the scarecrow in your garden, it can come to life and tend your crops. You can also hold conversations with the scarecrow, and it mumbles back at you.

It’s so unsettling, my first impulse was to delete it immediately.

Sims 4 talk to scarecrow in the garden

Morgan needed a few rare seeds for the Fall season plant collection. I found out you can take cuttings from a small garden behind the mansion in Willowbrook. The catch is, plants only grow while your Sim is in that world, so you have to wait until they are ready to harvest.

Sims 4 reading a book on a park bench

After sleeping on a park bench for a few nights, the Snapdragons and Roses were ready for Morgan to take cuttings. Nothing weird about that! Move along!

Sims 4 take cuttings from a public garden

On to Oasis Springs, to dig up some Onions after they sprout.

Sims 4 sleeping on a park bench

On the way home, pockets full of fresh cuttings, Morgan got a call from a friend, inviting Morgan over to meet their new child. Sure, why not.

Just like in real life, I wasn’t sure what to do in this situation. I poked around through the interaction menus and discovered Morgan could give the child a gift. I chose to give the child a carrot, because it worked well for the bunny earlier.

Sims 4 give child a gift

A tense moment while the child considered Morgan’s gift.

Sims 4 skeptical child

And then, success!

Sims 4 child loves the gift I gave them

So there you have it. If you want to befriend an unknown child on the street, give them a carrot. Now you know!

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