Hot Tub Time

When not eating, sleeping, or working, the Tylers can usually be found in one of two places. Either working out together in the living room…

Or soaking in the hot tub. Nude, often as not.

Notice poor Aubergine in the background, gardening her little fingers to the bone!(Speaking of which, their funds have passed the §700,000 mark!)

#4, home from a hard day’s work, gets ready to do a bit of hot tubbing.

While he’s distracted by all the bubbles, I sent Aubergine over to steal his clothes.

After she left, he seemed to realize what happened. He hopped out of the tub and stood there looking annoyed (and nekkid).

(Note #3 in the background. “I’m so tired, but I LOVE THIS HOT TUB SO MUCH, I can’t bear to leave it!”)

After a few minutes, #4 changed into a towel wrap.

But it didn’t keep him from breaking into a round of calisthenics in front of the television!

At this point I was going to change his outfit to include the spiffy sweater and scarf that reader Mrs. Thallium gifted me from the Sims 3 store. But a storm had kicked up outside (you know, in the real world) and the lights started flickering, so I thought it best to save and quit for now. Next time, though!

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