Happy 400th!

I’m having trouble juggling all the Sims on the lot – seven, including the baby – so it was sheer dumb luck that I happened to notice that it was Tyler’s 400th birthday.

In a game set to “normal” lifespan where a Sim’s lifespan should end by 110, Tyler’s continued existence is truly surprising.

Speaking of surprising things, Tyler enjoys scaring Angela. She’s all, “Hmm, I wonder what I should have for dinner?”

“BOO!!!!” “Gah!”

I feel like I never really connected with Tyler back in the beginning. He and Ana were the first Sims I played in Sims 3, and I spent most of my time exploring the game rather than spending time with my characters.

For his 400th birthday, I bought Tyler a standing bass. I mean, doesn’t every kid daydream about growing up to play the standing bass?

I also had him “Try For Baby” with Bertha.

Because really, if you make it to your 400th birthday, you should get some.

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