Goodbye Riley

Meanwhile, Riley was playing peacefully by himself in Parker’s room.

Obviously they would need a new crib. I deployed a burnt one that Hera found at the junkyard.

Then I called the repair person over to come fix stuff. But when they left, the crib hadn’t been fixed – because Parker had (unbeknownst to me) stuck Riley in there.

As you can see, Riley is hungry. Problem: the crib is broken somehow, so that Parker cannot reach him.

I tried all the cheats I could think of, but nothing worked. Even “ResetSim” failed me! Riley was unreachable. MoveObjects got him out of the crib, but he was still stuck in his crib animation, and Parker still couldn’t interact with him.

THEN I GOT REALLY FRUSTRATED AND DELETED HIM. I just deleted him, okay? I get so tired of this game’s stupid glitches sometimes.

“Screw it,” I thought, and hit the delete key. I REGRET NOTHING.

Tyler immediately had a wish to “Have A Baby.”

Sorry, dude. Sorry I deleted your baby. OKAY FINE, TRY FOR ANOTHER ONE.

Last week, someone asked how their finances are going. They have §65,377 in cash on hand. Their lot is worth §17,717 furnished. In total, they are worth §83,094.

One of the biggest bumps so far has come from cultivating Money Trees. Hera is harvesting about §2,000 a day from those things!

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