Good Salad and Bad Singing

I made two choices which seemed harmless enough at the start. But they have become a real drag.

The first was I chose this lot not knowing what the “Simple Living challenge” was. I mean, it sounded nice! I like simple living. Kinda what I’m going for with a cottagecore expansion pack, right?

But no! The Simple Living challenge means your Sim can only cook what they grow or harvest themselves. They can’t click on the fridge and make any meals by default.

How are you supposed to start with this challenge? You would have to fill your Sim’s inventory with ingredients before they moved onto the lot. Since Audrey moved onto the lot with nothing but the lint in her pockets, it wasn’t working for me.

Easy enough to fix: I switched to Build Mode and removed that lot challenge.

The first thing Audrey did was fix herself a big salad.

Yes, this is the correct way to make a salad. Start by dumping all the ingredients onto the chopping board at once.

Sims 4 fixing a salad
She really enjoyed doing this.
Sims 4 fixing a salad
I mean, yikes. What’s in that salad???
Sims 4 fixing a salad

The next problem is a little more complicated. I gave Audrey the “Squeamish” trait, because I thought it would be funny. Which it is! But it also means she gets a negative moodlet any time I make her garden, clean animal pens, or fish.

For this, although you can change your Sim’s traits with a cheat, I decided it would be more fun to do it the in-game way, by earning a Retrait Potion.

You earn points towards the potion (and other happiness rewards) by fulfilling your Sim’s wishes. That’s fun! I started by finishing the first tier of her Aspiration. The only item left to complete the Campestral Curator of the Country Caretaker aspiration was to interact with a wild fox or wild bird 3 more times.

Luckily, a wild fox named Maroon showed up on her lot just in time. I had Audrey sing to Maroon. This time she terrified the poor fox with her bad singing.

Sims 4 Country Living wild fox

Her llama was similarly unimpressed.

Sims 4 Country Living llama

But hey, Audrey’s up to 425 happiness points now. (The trait potion costs 5,000.) I’ll keep you posted on how that’s going.

Until then, let’s check out this guy, Thomas Watson, who stopped by and immediately fell into a Blue Steel right there in her kitchen.

Thomas Watson The Sims 4

Alas, he and Audrey didn’t have much chemistry. She wandered back outside to care for her llama. It’s time to shave his coat!

Sims 4 Country Living shaving a llama

There’s been some discussion on Twitter about what I should name the llama. I was delighted when Audrey had the conversational option to “Ask llama what its name is.”

The llama answered with a poop emoji??? I don’t know what to do with that.

However, after she shaved the llama, she got a new notebook entry. The notebook entry for white llama wool says, “Walter would make a good llama name, don’t you think?”

I agree. His name is officially Walter.

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