Earn §1,000 from a side hustle: The Sims Checklist Challenge

The next item on the Sims “24 While 24” Checklist Challenge is to earn §1,000 from a “side hustle.”

After doing some research, I learned that the term “side hustle” has two meanings in The Sims 4, depending on the context:

  • In the context of a teen Sim’s goal-oriented aspiration, “Reach level 3 in a side hustle,” the term refers specifically to one of the two teen side hustles: Simfluencer or Game Streamer.
  • Outside that context, it’s an informal term for “any money-earning activity that’s not an actual job or career.”

There are a lot of ways to make money in the Sims 4. I browsed various lists, looking for something I hadn’t tried before. In the end, I chose Archaeology, which is supposedly lucrative. I bought the Jungle Adventure expansion pack when it was released in 2018, but I hadn’t yet stepped foot in Selvadorada. Let’s do that!

The game allowed me to send Chestnut and Patch on vacation with Charlotte. Obviously, I had to do it.

sims 4 horse on jungle adventures

It was fun at first. Patch enjoyed browsing around the marketplace.

Sims 4 horse on vacation

By the end of the day, the horses’ needs were dropping fast. They were bored and hungry, and I probably could have figured out a way to address this, but I was there to find loot, not pet horses. I sent the horses home, and Charlotte continued her vacation alone.

sims 4 jungle adventure

Armed with all the machetes and GCREs (Grilled Cheese Ready to Eat) she could carry, I sent Charlotte out to play Tomb Raider.

(I just realized I missed my chance for some in-game cosplay!)

No spoilers for the Jungle Adventure content, but Charlotte spent the next few days engaged in archaeological practices that were questionable from both a technical and an ethical perspective. And making interesting new friends.

Sims 4 Jungle Adventures

That was fun. The part that came after, where she had to spend hours and hours analyzing her finds at the Archaeology table? Less fun.

Sims 4 archaeology bench

Ultimately, Charlotte sold everything she looted from the jungle and earned §2,632. Not bad for only a week of work!

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