Drown an Enemy Sim: The Sims Checklist Challenge

The second item on the Sims “24 While 24” Checklist Challenge is “Drown an enemy Sim.”

I was surprised to discover Morgan already had an enemy. I don’t know where he and Darrel Charm hit it off so badly. I swear I have never seen that Sim in my entire life. But their mysterious rivalry is handy because I needed someone to drown.

sims 4 checklist challenge drown a sim

I haven’t drowned a Sim in quite some time. Not since 2010, when I decided to see what would happen if I drowned every single NPC in The Sims 3.

Note: I have a lot of younger readers. If you’re reading this, and you were born after May 2010, please let me take this opportunity to tell you, “I haven’t drowned a Sim since before you were born!” (I am very old. I was born in the best year to have been born: 1972.)

The first order of business was to build a pool. I felt somewhere in the middle of the “building stuff” scale. That put me at more than “plonk a pool into the backyard and call it good.” But less than “do a bunch of research on pool patio designs and pictures.”

I spent some time in a real-life pool patio backyard setup at Thanksgiving. However, I was paying attention to the family of feral kittens who lived there. I made few (if any) mental architectural notes, although I can describe each of the kittens in great detail.

I scraped together what little I remembered and put this together.

sims 4 checklist challenge swimming pool

Next, I tried having Morgan invite Darrel over, but Darrel refused. Which, in hindsight, made sense.

I changed tactics and had Morgan initiate a house party.

Note: I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw a pool party because it was the end of fall, and the weather was terrible, and who wants to come to a pool party when it’s 40 degrees F and pouring rain? Sims, probably, but I just couldn’t do it.

Although Darrel refused to come over for one-on-one time, he could not refuse a party invitation.

sims 4 horse in the kitchen

Patch was very helpful with the party preparations.

While everyone else whooped it up inside, I had Charlotte lure Darrel to the pool. I guess “Come swim with me while everyone else at the party stays inside” is a perfectly normal request if you’re a Sim.

sims 4 swimming pool

Then I instructed Charlotte to get out and quickly constructed (what I thought would be) a death trap.

sims 4 drown in swimming pool

Imagine my shock when he walked right through those walls! Sims 4 has stepped up its game with regard to pool deaths.

Let’s fast-forward through all the shenanigans I had to pull to get Darrel back in the pool. And here we are!

sims 4 drown in swimming pool

Everything was going great, or so I thought.

sims 4 drown in swimming pool

Whoops, I didn’t know that was a thing! I deleted the pool floatie right out from under him. I was getting frustrated by this point.

Now that Darrel was finally trapped in the pool for real, life went on. Several days later, he eventually died. I heard the death music, the game slowed to 1x speed, and the Build Mode button grayed out.

sims 4 drown in swimming pool

I sent Morgan out to witness the death of his enemy and to make friends with the Grim Reaper, since that’s a checklist item for later.

To my dismay, the Grim Reaper never showed, and there was nothing I could do about it. We were forever stuck in a deathless suburban limbo.

sims 4 dead body in swimming pool

Life went on as Darrel’s corpse floated in the pool. I gave it a few days, and when the Grim Reaper failed to show up, I had no choice but to exit without saving.

I’m still calling this a win!

sims 4 checklist challenge

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