Cordelia’s Love Day

Cordelia’s mission to gather 15 pieces of evidence was derailed the next day by the advent of Love Day. I just installed Seasons, so this was my first seasonal holiday.

(Loving all the new seasonal content in this expansion. I particularly like how gardening is seasonal. Except when I accidentally planted bananas – a summer fruit – in spring.)

I sent Cordelia back to the bowling alley to accomplish her holiday goals: flirt with people, give someone a gift, and go on a date.

Flirting was easy, since Cordelia has the “Flirty” trait. She hit on several different people at the bowling alley (as one does). Katrina Caliente was totally into it.

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With goals 1 and 2 down, Cordelia suddenly got a text from Kristian, one of the military personnel out of whom Cordelia has been trying to pry evidence. Kristian asked if she wanted to go on a date. How convenient, since that was the third goal on Cordelia’s holiday list.

Kristian took Cordelia… here? Why.

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It’s a big house that is also a museum.

The Splines Sims blog

I do not understand. Why would you bring someone here on a date? What are we supposed to do on this date? What is wrong with you, Kristian? r u ok.

The Splines Sims blog

At least she got a cute picture out of it.

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