I’ve been having a lot of Sims dreams lately. Last night I dreamed that you could purchase a flock of sheep, and your Sims could shepherd their flock up into the grassy fields at the edges of the map. And periodically you could click on a sheep, choose either “Shear Sheep” or “Shear Flock,” and sell the resulting fleece(s) at the market for simoleons.

I think EA needs to get right on this, personally.

Anyway, let’s check in on all those teenagers and see what they’re up to.

Delphine (Technophobe, Virtuoso, Good, Party Animal) is practicing guitar in the library. Gosh, I wish she could practice piano or violin instead. Too bad those instruments aren’t available in Sims 3. (Don’t get me started on the lack of a pool table.)

Blue (Hates the Outdoors, Couch Potato, Unflirty, Excitable) is standing in the kitchen thinking about taking a vacation. Or, since she hates the outdoors, maybe she’s thinking about watching a travel show on TV.

Geraint (Slob, Good, Genius, Athletic) is reading a book in the library. How he can read with all the racket Delphine is making, I’ll never know.

Chuck (Over-Emotional, Genius, Natural Cook, Light Sleeper) in his white boy cornrows is sitting at the dining table, complaining about his sandwich.

And Alex (Couch Potato, Excitable, Family-Oriented, Friendly) is standing in the gym, watching television. That’s not what the gym is for!

Here’s the latest iteration of the house. I like to take exterior pictures at dusk, I like the way the windows look all lit up from outside. The gym is the bit on the far left.

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