Even when nothing much seems to happen, hour after hour. It probably doesn’t help that our (real world) weather’s been so dreary the last few days. Feeling very “bleh” today!

From left to right: Bunny, Lore, and Hera. I’m not sure what Bunny is rejecting, but she seems to feel pretty strongly about it.

Hera grew into an unsurprisingly dumpy teen. I put her in plaid pants, because plaid pants are funny. Here, she’s running so fast that she’s outrun her red thought bubble.

Rusty has made it to level 9 of the Rock career path. What is it with the running?

I got so bored, I took one of the random opportunities. It had Hera cooking five batches of hotdogs in a row, for… no one.

Seemed like a bit of a waste, but it made her happy, so there’s that.

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