Bad Timing

The next day, Hera had birthday cake for breakfast. (Raise your hand if you’re jealous!)

Since she had the day off from the Science Lab, I sent her out to improve her fishing skills. Here, she’s caught a mighty fine Red Herring.

She stopped at the park on the way home, and asked some random army guy if he was single.

He wasn’t, and as soon as he answered, he ran away. Ran! Sheesh.

Back at home, I sent Hera to the neighbor across the street.

This lady wasn’t single, either. I watched with great interest as, upon learning that she was in a relationship, Hera immediately flirted with her.

She’s lucky that lady didn’t kick her ass!

I don’t know why Hera keeps doing that, hitting on people after they tell her they’re not single. It’s pretty funny, though.

I’m thinking about starting a semi-regular series, Things I Found In The Sims 3. Today: a pigeon!

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