Another Awkward Wedding

In The Sims 2 opposite-sex couples had weddings while same-sex couples had the exact same cut-scene, but it was called something lame like “commitment ceremony.” In The Sims 3, it’s just marriage, end of story.

So let’s get married!

Henry spent the night. They spooned. Adorable!

The next morning after Grape Pancakes (don’t ask me what those are; they sound gross) Mort popped the question.

It made Henry really, really happy.


Mort invited over a whole whack of people. He and Henry had a lovely wedding on the lawn. (Where the killing machine used to stand.)

But, this being The Sims, he forgot to use the toilet before the ceremony started.

Immediately after they exchanged vows and rings, he wet himself and ran inside to take a shower.

Leaving Henry to stand in the sunset looking exasperated. (Will you check out that pocket square! Seriously, how can you not love this guy?)

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